Current Research Projects


Birth attendants and birth outcomes in the Victorian and Edwardian eras

The Demography of Early Modern London circa 1550 to 1750

Determining the demography of Victorian Scotland through record linkage

Doctors, deaths, diagnoses and data: a comparative study of the medical certification of cause of death in nineteenth century Scotland

Ecology, Economy, and Society

Economic Crises and Health in Historical Perspective

Economy, Gender, and Social Capital in the German Demographic Transition

An empirical base for understanding the early phase of the epidemiological transition: Short-term and spatial variations in infectious disease mortality in England 1600-1837

English welfare practices and their demographic correlates c.1600-1834

European Frontiers: An International Research Network

Exchanges of Economic, Legal and Political Ideas

Housing, mobility and the measurement of child health from the 1911 Irish census

Human Well-Being and the "Industrious Revolution": Consumption, Gender and Social Capital in a German Developing Economy, 1600-1900

India in the Global World

Inequality, Social Science and History Research Network

Infant mortality by social status in Georgian London

The Interaction between Political, Economic and Religious Ideas 1750-1950

The Land Tax in England and Wales 1798 and landownership and tenancy distribution

Long-run cause of death series for national populations

Longevity changes and their determinants in England and her European neighbours c.1600-1900

Mortality and epidemiological change in Manchester, 1750-1850

Private Law and Medieval Village Society: Personal Actions in Manor Courts, c.1250-c.1350

SEATIDE - Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion

The Transnational History of Health in Southeast Asia, 1914-2014

The transformation of the urban epidemiological regime, 1750-1850The

Wake Visitation and social and religious structures in the East and South Midlands c.1710