Working Papers in Economic and Social History


The working papers series was launched in March 2012 as a showcase for the unpublished research of Cambridge economic and social historians, including academic staff, students, and visitors. To view a paper, click on the relevant link below.



Estimating the number of cotton handloom weavers in England, c. 1780-1813; women and children hiding in plain sight
Keith Sugden and Amy Louise Erickson
March 2024



35. Figuring out: the spread of Hindu-Arabic numerals in the European tradition of practical mathematics (13th-16th centuries)
Raffaele Danna
August 2019


34. Data Mining Family History Society Burials
Gill Newton
June 2019, revised May 2020



33. Adam Smith revisited: coal and the location of the woollen manufacture in England before mechanization, c. 1500-1820
Keith Sugden, Sebastian A.J. Keibek and Leigh Shaw-Taylor
September 2018


32. Dirty float or clean intervention? The Bank of England on the foreign exchange market, 1952-72
Alain Naef
April 2018


31. The global rise of patent expertise in the late nineteenth century
David Pretel
January 2018




30. Institutions for Contract Enforcement: Insiders, Outsiders, and Insurance in Early Modern London
A.B. Leonard
November 2017


29. By-employments in early modern England and their significance for estimating historical male occupational structures
Sebastian A.J. Keibek
March 2017


28. Correcting the probate inventory record for wealth bias
Sebastian A.J. Keibek
March 2017


27. Allocating labourers to occupational (sub-)sectors using regression techniques
Sebastian A.J. Keibek
March 2017


26. Using probate data to determine historical male occupational structures
Sebastian A.J. Keibek
March 2017




25. The rise and fall of the German stock market, 1870-1938
Carsten Burhop, David Chambers and Brian Cheffins
September 2016


24. The pay of labourers and unskilled men on London building sites, 1660–1770
Judy Z. Stephenson
June 2016




23. Where are the missing girls? Gender discrimination in mid-19th century Spain
Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia and Domingo Gallego
July 2015


22. What caused Chicago bank failures in the Great Depression? A look at the 1920s
Natacha Postel-Vinay
April 2015




21. Financial contagion and market intervention in the 1772-3 credit crisis
Paul Kosmetatos
October 2014


20. Can inflation expectations be measured using commodity futures prices?
Rasheed Saleuddin and D'Maris Coffman
August 2014


19. The winding up of the Ayr Bank, 1772-1816
Paul Kosmetatos
April 2014
(This working paper has now been published. Click here for the published version.)


18. Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical power as a case study
Cristiano Andrea Ristuccia and Solomos Solomou
March 2014


17. From sovereign nations to federal states. Creating stable systems of public finance in America and Germany: lessons for the Eurozone
James Macdonald
March 2014




16. Deceptive data? The New Survey of London Life and Labour 1928–31
Simon T. Abernethy
October 2013


15. Giffen behaviour in Irish famine markets: an empirical study
Charles Read
May 2013


14. War, conquest and local merchants: the role of credit in the peripheral military administration of the Hispanic monarchy during the first half of the sixteenth century
José Miguel Escribano Páez
March 2013


13. The Black Swan of the Golden Periphery: The Ottoman Empire during the Classical Gold Standard Era
Ali Coşkun Tunçer
March 2013


12. Family reconstitution in an urban context: some observations and methods
Gill Newton
January 2013



11. Stabilizing monetary systems: sterling's currency and credit markets from the 12th to the 21st century
Anthony Hotson
September 2012


10. Britain's money supply experiment, 1971-73
Duncan Needham
September 2012


9. Farewell to prices and incomes policies: Conservative economic policy-making, 1974-79
Adrian Williamson
September 2012


8. Mistresses and marriage: or, a short history of the Mrs
Amy Louise Erickson
July 2012


7. Marital status and economic activity: interpreting spinsters, wives, and widows in pre-census population listings
Amy Louise Erickson
July 2012


6. The First Global Emerging Markets Investor: Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust 1880-1913
David Chambers and Rui Esteves
July 2012


5. Pledging and Credit Markets in Medieval England
Chris Briggs and Mark Koyama
March 2012

4. The Creation of a ‘Census’ of Adult Male Employment for England and Wales for 1817
P.M. Kitson, L.Shaw-Taylor, E.A. Wrigley, R.S. Davies. G. Newton, and A.E.M. Satchell
March 2012, December 2013

3. Housing and Private Outside Space in Nineteenth Century England

Zoe Crisp

March 2012

2. Retail Ratios in the Netherlands, c.1670-c.1815

Danielle van den Heuvel and Sheilagh Ogilvie

March 2012

1. Choices and Constraints in the Pre-Industrial Countryside

Sheilagh Ogilvie
March 2012




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