The Ellen McArthur Lectures 2009

Professor Nick Crafts (University of Warwick) From the 18th to the 21st Century: a Perspective on 250 Years of Economic Growth

2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th November 2009 Law Faculty, West Road, Cambridge

These lectures consider the evolution of the performance of the British economy over the long run taking the view that 'history matters' but so do the microeconomic foundations of growth. Starting with the Industrial Revolution, the growth record of the British economy is re-examined and key controversies are re-appraised. The objective is to provide a coherent account of British relative economic decline which emphasizes the interactions between institutions and policy choices in the context of historical constraints. The argument is tested by seeking also to explain the apparent end of relative decline recently.


Lecture 1: The First Industrial Revolution: Perspectives from Before and After

Lecture 1: Questions and Answers

Lecture 2: What were the Real Penalties of the Early Start?

Lecture 2: Questions and Answers

Lecture 3: Falling behind in the Golden Age of Economic Growth

Lecture 3: Questions and Answers

Lecture 4: Reversing Economic Decline: Thatcher and Sons in Historical Context

Lecture 4: Questions and Answers