Funding Opportunities for Graduate Studies


There are several funding schemes for graduate study in History at Cambridge. For an exhaustive guide on available grants, deadlines, and procedures, consult the Faculty of History funding guides. Only the Faculty pages will give you sufficiently detailed information to go through the application for funding process.

What follows is instead a friendlier summary of the key funding opportunities for students in Economic and Social History, as well as their eligibility criteria. Most funding bodies have tight deadlines, so if you are seeking funding for the MPhil, it is important to apply early to the program and indicate your willingness to be considered for funding at the moment of the application. Please also note that several funding schemes only apply to those wishing to proceed to a PhD.


List of studentships/grants/awards

For either UK or EU applicants           
Funding for either 4 years (MPhil and PhD) or 3 years (PhD only)
Covers fees and maintenance for UK students, only fees for EU students

For students of any nationality who hold a Cambridge undergraduate degree and wish to proceed to the PhD
Maximum £5,000

EU and overseas students, not UK students
Usually pay fees and a maintenance grant
Funding for 1 year (MPhil only) or for 4 years (MPhil and PhD)

Partial funding
Students of any nationality
MPhil in Economic and Social History or PhD students in Economic and Social History

Partial funding (access to Centre’s facilities, book grant, research travel expenses grants)
MPhil students only
Students of any nationality