Core seminar in Economic and Social History - 2016


Seminars begin at 5pm in the Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall (unless otherwise stated). Each seminar is followed by drinks and (usually) dinner with the speaker. All welcome!

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6 October

Professor Gareth Stedman Jones
(Cambridge and Queen Mary, London)

'Pressure from without': Karl Marx and the politics and economics of 1867

(NB – this seminar will take pace in the Graham Storey Room at Trinity Hall)


13 October

Professor John Turner
(Queen’s University, Belfast)

Common Law and the origins of shareholder protection


20 October

Professor Paul Lovejoy
(York, Ontario)

The economics of the ‘Second Slavery’ in the Jihad states of West Africa


27 October

Dr Judy Stephenson

Labouring in early modern London


3 November

Professor Bernard Harris

Local government and sanitary reform in England and Wales, 1817-1914


10 November

Professor Pat Hudson (Cardiff) and Dr Keith Tribe

The Piketty Opportunity: inequality, global comparisons and a new agenda for economic history


17 November

Professor Chris Dyer

Assessing the importance of social mobility in the middle ages


24 November

Sebastian Keibek

The development of the male occupational structure of England and Wales between 1600 and 1850


1 December

Professor Osamu Saito
(Hitotsubashi, Japan)

Industrialisation, inter-sectoral linkage and occupational structure: Britain, Germany and Japan, c.1850-1935


This seminar is a combination of eight seminar programmes: medieval economic and social history; early modern economic and social history; modern economic and social history; quantitative history; the Centre for Financial History; the Centre for History and Economics; the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure; and the Centre for Quantitative Economic History. Their specialist seminar programmes do not run in Michaelmas term, but each meets separately again in Lent and (sometimes) Easter. The core seminar is grateful for the support of Trinity Hall and for the generosity of the Trevelyan Fund.

Seminar co- ordinators: Amy Erickson (, Duncan Needham (, and Leigh Shaw-Taylor (


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