Core seminar in Economic and Social History - 2014


Seminars begin at 5pm in the Graham Storey Room, Trinity Hall, except for on 6th November when we will be in the Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall. Note that in week 2 the seminar will take place on Friday 17th October. Each seminar will be followed by drinks and, usually, by dinner with the speaker.

All welcome!

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9th October
Professor Simon Szreter (Cambridge)
How much venereal disease was there in England's modern demographic history?


17th October (NB change of day: Friday)
Professor Catherine Schenk (Glasgow)
Summer in the City: banking failures of 1974 and the development of international banking supervision


6th November (NB change of venue: Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall)
Professor Paul Warde (East Anglia)
Trees, trade and textiles: tracing ecological dependency in British industry, c.1550-1750


13th November
Professor Barry Eichengreen (University of California, Berkeley)
International currencies past, present and future: two views from economic history


20th November
Professor David Reher (Complutense University, Madrid)
The aftermath of the demographic transition in the developed world


27th November
Professor Sir E.A. Wrigley (Cambridge)
What was an organic economy?


4th December
Dr Jaco Zuijderduijn (Leiden)
Living la vita apostolica. Life expectancy and mortality of nuns in late-medieval Holland

This seminar is a combination of eight seminar programmes: medieval economic and social history; early modern economic and social history; modern economic and social history; quantitative history; the Centre for Financial History; the Centre for History and Economics; the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure; and the Centre for Quantitative Economic History. Their specialist seminar programmes will not be running in Michaelmas 2014, but each seminar will meet separately again in Lent and (sometimes) Easter 2015; details will be available online. The core seminar is grateful for the support of Trinity Hall and for the generosity of the Managers of the Trevelyan Fund.


Seminar co-ordinator: Leigh Shaw-Taylor (

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