Core seminar in Economic and Social History - 2022


Seminars will take place on Thursdays at 5:15pm in the History Faculty Room 6, and on Zoom.

Please see here for full abstracts and sign up to the list here for reminders and links.

All welcome.


6 October
Jane Whittle (Exeter)
A New History of Work in Early Modern England: Gender, Tasks and Occupations


13 October
William H. Janeway (Cambridge)
The Necessity of Bubbles


20 October
Catia Antunes (Leiden)
Exploiting the Empires of Others: Reflections towards a Model of European Colonial Exploitation


27 October
Jane Humphries (London School of Economics)
A Respectable Living and Women’s Work, England, 1270-1860


3 November
Sabine Schneider (London School of Economics)
German Silver Diplomacy and the Emergence of the Classical Gold Standard, 1871-1892


10 November
A.G. Hopkins (Cambridge)
Capitalism in a Colonial Context: African Merchants in Lagos, 1851-1921


17 November
Samantha Williams (Cambridge)
The Poor Law, the Workhouse and the Construction of Ablebodiedness in England and Wales, 1834-1914


24 November
David Green (Kings College London)
Addressing Health: Morbidity, Mortality and Occupational Health in the Victorian and Edwardian Post Office


1 December
James Davis (Queens University Belfast)
The Flow of Information within the Markets of Medieval England

The Core seminar combines the series: Medieval Economic & Social History; Early Modern Economic & Social History; Modern Economic & Social History & Policy; African Economic History; Global Economic History; Quantitative History; Financial History; the Centre for History & Economics; and the Cambridge Group for the History of Population & Social Structure. Their specialist seminar programmes resume in Lent Term.

Seminar convenors: Amy Erickson (ale25) and Martin Andersson (ma815)


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