Core seminar in Economic and Social History - 2023


Seminars will take place on Thursdays at 5:15pm in the History Faculty Room 6, and on Zoom.

Please see here for full abstracts and sign up to the list here for reminders and links.

All welcome.


5th October
Jeremy Adelman (Cambridge)
Earth hunger: Global integration and the need for strangers


12th October
Maria Bach (Lausanne) jointly authored with François Allison (Lausanne)
A comparison of national accounting in India and USSR


19th October
Leigh Gardner (London School of Economics)
How was power shared in colonial Africa? Taxation and representation in the British empire


26th October
Jordan Claridge (London School of Economics)
Wages and labour relations in late Medieval England: It’s not (all) about the money


2nd November
Béatrice Robic (The Sorbonne)
New estimates on child labour and education in England and Wales (1870-1914)


9th November
Paul Warde (Cambridge)
Tamlaght 1840: Work, gender and production in a proto-industrial community


16th November
Alessandro Nuvolari (Pisa)
Railroads and inventive activities: new evidence from Italy, 1855-1914


23rd November
Bruno Blonde (Antwerp)
The sweatshops of the consumer revolution. Economic growth, social inequality and material culture in Flanders and Brabant (c.18)


30th November
Martin Daunton (Cambridge)
The economic government of the world 1933-2023


The Core seminar combines the series: Medieval Economic & Social History; Early Modern Economic & Social History; Modern Economic & Social History & Policy; African Economic History; Global Economic History; Quantitative History; Financial History; the Centre for History & Economics; and the Cambridge Group for the History of Population & Social Structure. Their specialist seminar programmes resume in Lent Term.

Seminar convenors: Amy Erickson (ale25) and Leigh Shaw-Taylor (lmws2)


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